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Campaign Adwords & Facebook ads with:
Daily monitoring keywords to optimize the average cost per click.
Review of the market for maintenance and updating of the list of keywords and campaigns.
• Analysis of traffic and increase the popularity of the website.
• Monthly report on key statistical figures and conclusions, together with recommendations for optimizing campaigns.


Design & Development online campaign (Viral Campaign)
The Generation Y assumes the creation and implementation of online campaigns through online advertising operations that are based mainly on word of mouth and the transmission of information from the user. Aapart from that online interactive campaigns are clearly unpredictable, the Generation Y due to its high specificity and excellent know-how manages to deliver one of the most successful campaigns in the market.
The service includes the creation of viral concept, the development of the corresponding application (microsite design, application development, video production, etc.) depending on the concept and promotes social media marketing campaign. Upon completion of the actions, Generation Y group provides full reorted record.


Newsletter campaign

Approach along with additional targeted information. Follow live the mission of newsletters and the reaction of the recipient (who read it, I did click, who deleted it without opening it, who pushed through, etc.) and ability to create specialized mailing lists.
Effective remarketing, information on new products and offers and sales growth, motivation / reminder of the customer.
The service includes:
- Creation, Delivery and Monitoring
- Professional appearance Newsletters
- Advanced management of mailing lists
- Google Analytics Tracker



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